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Ok, so it seems I only post here with problems, but here's a whole shit load of them ((really it's only one but it's pretty long _-_)) I just posted this in my own journal,and in gay boys, but I thought I'd post it here also cause I'm just that bored.:

Ok I haven't posted for along while but w/e. So last weekend was a mix of fun and complete bullshit. So it started last thursday, I slept over Lizzy's house to help set up for her party, and I brought two dvd's for us to watch. They were Invader Zim, and Fake. So we didn't end up watching them so she put Invader Zim ontop of Fake, and ontop of Invader Zim was two karate badges and five quarters. These were ontop of his computer tower which was on top of a laundry basket, with the wall right behind it with not even a slit large enough for the quarters to fall through, and same with her computer desk on the other side. ((this'll come into importance later)) So everyone started showing up, and then the dreaded moment came when Shannon pulled up. I did my best being civil with her, I was nice and I didn't saying anything mean about her. So s'all good...not! We all go inside for a little bit and Lizzy's mum asks "So, who here has a boyfriend?" Since I do I raised my hand, and Shannon did also. Well she didn't like the fact that I raised my hand,so she just gave me a dirty look. A few moments later I walk out side and hear "Well I was seriously debating on not coming cause Jake's here." Ok what the hell did I do to her now? I go up to Sarah after Shannon walks away and asked her what else Shannon said about me "Oh well she said she's sick at how you are always saying how you're a faggot" I just shrugged it off and went inside so I wouldn't fucking punch Shannon. Then yet again I go outside and this time I hear "Well I'm the only one here with a boyfriend" at that point she looked at me "I mean, a normal boyfriend." At this point I was fucking pissed off. Because she was treating me like shit. ((this I forgot and have to add in here)) She took this picture of our group of friends and I didn't want to be in and cause I knew she didn't want me there, but Sarah dragged me in anyways and leaned on me in the picture. SO she cut me out of the blown up shot of it, no big deal. What really pissed me off was that the only time she showed anyone the picture or mentioned it was when I was around. Then she had little copies of it for everyone, that only time she'd mention this or give them to people was when I was around. So I went inside and talked to Lizzy's mom, 'cause she told me to if Shannon started anything at all. So she spoke to everyone saying "Ok so I've heard that people are talking about eachother behind their backs, well this isn't the time nor the place to do this, we're just here to have fun." After that, everything was fine until people went down to Lizzy's room including Shannon. So just so I can prove my point here's some drawings of how the dvd's were set:

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

A little while after I go down to get stuff from my bag and Fakes gone. Hmmm...wtf? Then I went up and asked them if they saw it...the first one to speak was Shannon. "Oh well I only saw the INvader ZIm dvd and then Lizzy's book." Ok a wee bit suspcious. So everyone goes downstairs and gladly opens up and dumps out their bags, except for Shannon, who's clutching her's for dear life. So my friends and I go to get her mom cause we know she took it. Then a second later she comes running up the stairs with the dvd "Oh it fell!" Tell me if the Invader Zim dvd and all the stuff was ontop of Fake, why didn't it fall too, and wouldn't I have noticed both of my dvds on the floor infront of Lizzy's desk. So he mom had it and sent Shannon home. So she was pissed and twisted the story so she's the victim, look what she put in her forum:
Posted by shannon on August 05, 2005 at 22:40:52:

Today I went to a friends party and after a fight with Jake, I was sent home after Lizzy's (The girls whose party it was) Mother swared at me to stick up for Jake and started calling me things like "a negative person that's fucking ruining the party". Well, she loves Jake so much that she lets him sleep in the same bed with Lizzy. The point is, he was talking shit behind my back and then accused me of stealing his movie (which by the way he copied from me once I showed him the comic) and then when I found it, he said I put it there. Anyway, no one cared that I had something of mine stolen. So I went home in tears, having to leave my friends from what was my last time seeing them, and then thought of everyway possible to kill myself because of the fact that I was wrongfully accused and was sent home. I guess no one cares that I skipped two chorus concerts, skipped school 22 days this year AND moved to Lowell all because of this one boy who is always talking shit about me. Always talking that he's gay, thinking that everyone cares, always talking about his boyfriend who NINE of my friends has already said how ugly he is and how Jake shouldn't be bragging about him. The point is, EVERYONE he thinks is his friend isn't. I don't want to name anymore names but six people at the party were saying how they don't want him there. I used to be his friend, but I was sick of him being mean to me, physically and emotionally, and how he's tried to take the only things in my life keeping me going. I feel close to the end and I know it by all this. Cutting didn't help so I started cutting off my hair. Now that my hairs almost gone, all I have left to do is hope I die. Getting in trouble with the law, hateing with all my heart and soul a person I had to live with, changing schools for the 5th time in six years, moving to my dad's house.... Nothing has helped and everyday I get lower and lower into my own grave. I have hives on my arms that are brusing and even though Jake says "stop dragging everypne else into your problems cause no one cares" I feel the need that this is my last call for help, so I hope someone reads this 'cause my time seems to be at an end. Not only thatbut I got these emails from her friend: I heard what you fucking did to my sister at her
friends party. She came home in tears and doesn't even
want to go back to Natick again. You're such a fucking
asshole of accusing her of your bullshit CD even AFTER she found the fucking thing for you. All she wanted to
do was have a good time and a lot of strings had to be
pulled to get her there. If I hear your picking on
someone younger than you or that's a girl again, I'll
fucking find you and kill you, Faggit. If I have to
see her cry one more time from the shit you've done to
her, I'll fucking kill your gay ass. All she ever did
was be nice to you and stick up for you and she says
shit when she heard that your doing it. SO LEAVE HER
THE FUCK ALONE. If you e-mail her, I'll find out.
Anything you have to say from now on goes through me, asshole.
Wow so people are wondering why I'm happy she's gone hmmm?

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This wouldn't happen to be Shannon G would it? I doubt it, the world isn't that small. Though it'd be odd if it was..heh.

That's really messed up, but I think you two need to talk things over with each other one day as awful as that may seem. Someone is obviously not getting through.